Installing Jupyter Notebook

By far the easiest way to install Jupyter is with Anaconda. Jupyter notebooks automatically come with the distribution. You'll be able to use notebooks from the default environment.

To install Jupyter notebooks in a conda environment, use

conda install jupyter notebook

Jupyter notebooks are also available through pip with

pip install jupyter notebook

Markdown Cheatsheet :

Convert a notebook to an HTML file, in your terminal use

jupyter nbconvert --to html notebook.ipynb


To create the slideshow from the notebook file, you'll need to use nbconvert:

jupyter nbconvert notebook.ipynb --to slides   

This just converts the notebook to the necessary files for the slideshow, but you need to serve it with an HTTP server to actually see the presentation.

To convert it and immediately see it, use

jupyter nbconvert notebook.ipynb --to slides --post serve This will open up the slideshow in your browser so you can present it.

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