Installing Python

To install Anaconda Python follow the instruction at Anaconda Distribution Website. Based on the operating system select the proper version of the Anaconda package and install it in your PC.

After you successfully install the proper version, you will get anaconda application in you PC which will look like the figure below:


Best way to start with is the "Jupyter notebook". Lunch the jupyter notebook to start with Python.

Note- Linux:

  • For Linux user, it could be little bit tricky. SOme time it becomes hard to locate anaconda path to the environment so you need to point the python you want to use. Please, run the command below to point the python:

bash export PATH=/home/ubuntu/anaconda3/bin:$PATH

  • There is 'base' or 'anaconda3' environment by defult. You can find the list of available environmet by typing following command on the terminal

bash conda env list

  • To start the 'base' environment type

bash source activate base

  • To install new package for example 'jupyter notebook' type

bash pip install jupyter notebook

  • After sucessfully installing Jupyter notebook, tye following to start it

bash Jupyter notebook

Note - Cloud

  • For running Jupyter notebook in AWS cloud, it is important to open the "8888" to "8889" with TCP rule with IP "" and allow to be opend from anywhere. Once port is open, type following to

bash jupyter notebook --ip= --no-browser